Sunday, 9 March 2014

Four Steps - Follow the Frog

I just saw this in Facebook and another wake up call wheee! Since I haven't REALLY truly thought about this before, what a shame... I mean I have a header picture of me hugging a tree for crying out loud, from now on I'm going to follow the frog with my best effort.

Where can you shop the frog? Well, here you can choose your country's results, for my country (Finland) I found quite a many products, though it's less than I thought, there should be more.

But I must say I'm a little confused about Chiquita being on the list because I remember reading ages ago about Chiquita being part in the Columbian civil conflict. I researched a bit and found out that indeed that's true, though Chiquita company has improved its reputation and it's been granted the Rainforest Alliance mark for protecting the rainforests' ecosystems and for improving the social living conditions. However the company says it's hard to change their operating principles in the countries like Columbia where the supporting of troops responsible for thousands of murders is everyday life.

I read about this in Finnish here, the article is written in 2007 so maybe the situations have changed to the better, not sure. But I sure hope so. I usually buy organic bananas because I don't trust Chiquita being honest but now that I think about it, how can I be sure whether the organic banana companies are really environmentally friendly and good for their workers? I want to believe it because I've always believed in organic farming and in Fairtrade. Their lable is for example in Pirkka organic bananas in Finland. But sometimes I feel like I'm really naive for believing everything, I feel like I should see it with my own eyes. But then again like in the video above, I can't just go there like that :D so I try to support the Rainforest Alliance anyways and see what feels right to me.
"A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strenght to our people."
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

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