Wednesday, 5 March 2014

First step - The girl

Greetings from a girl with green dreams, it's time for a fresh new start!

I'm a Finnish girl named Tytti, artist name Sadekuu. It means rain moon :) I've been in Blogger for some years now and there's one thing I've noticed. In the beginning of a new blog or a new start of an old blog I'm always feeling really enthousiastic but in the end the blogs I write always seem a little bit.. fake. I try to be something I'm really not. In the end I'm no fashionista, I'm just a simple girl trying to make a world a better place with tiny steps at a time. So this time I'm trying to keep that in mind and actually create something that will help the world, no matter how small the change.
Also, let me clear one thing - I'm trying to inspire, not to force. Of course I'm happy if for example someone wants to try becoming a vegetarian after reading my blog as long as it's of their own free will.

To put it simply, in this blog I'm writing about following things:

• my vegetarian diet and recipes
• review environmental and animal-friendly shops and products

  - beauty products
  - detergents
  - clothes
  - other stuff
  - recipes e.g. make your own toner • recycling 
• flea markets and recycling centres 
• movies, tv series, documents etc.
• climate and climate change, Save The Arctic (please sign the petition, it's important!)
• other things related to nature, such as blogs
• sometimes political things like Vihreä liitto (Green league, a Finnish party)
• music and exercise which may relate to nature
• my life in general

Though I want to be a nature lover with my best effort, I cannot guarantee that all the products and things are write about in this blog are 100% environmental and animal-friendly and for that my deepest apologies. I'm really just a poor student so I can't always afford to get the products I really want. So far the only cosmetic shop in Finland that doesn't do ANY animal testing and is the most environmental-friendly is LUSH. If you know any other shops like Lush, please comment, let's share the knowledge! Of course there are shops like Bodyshop that don't do animal testing, though some ingredients may be from a company that does animal testing in other products. In Finland there's a eco-friendly store called Ruohonjuuri... Well, I'll be writing about these things in the future and I'll make some tabs with links as well. Also share recipes, movies, ask, comment anything, criticize or just say hello, I read every comment and answer if I can :)

Ugh this post is getting long, I try to keep the posts nice and short from now on ^^
I want to end each post with a quote, so here's the first one:

“Dead my old fine hopes
And dry my dreaming but still...
Iris, blue each spring”
― Shushiki, Japanese Haiku

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